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When it comes to the status of your infrastructure, staying up-to-date is essential – you can’t navigate tomorrow’s technological landscape with yesterday’s tools. That’s why NetFire prides itself on offering the latest technologies to make sure your company is prepared for the future. Whether you’re looking for better load balancing functionality or dedicated firewall service, we’ve got you covered.



Our firewall service prevents malicious activity from reaching your servers or end users, and is supported round-the-clock by our security engineers.

  • Fully-managed environment with 24x7x365 support
  • Pre-sales consultation with security engineers
  • Port blocking, packet inspection, and more
  • Provision new features as you need them, without service interruption

Load Balancers

Our load balancing options give you a more efficient workflow by allowing you to shift traffic across the servers you choose.

  • Optimize uptime by managing traffic spikes
  • Create a better user experience for end users by assuring they won’t get stuck in traffic jams
  • Choose between local or global load balancing
  • Important part of your overall disaster recovery plan

Virtual Private Network

NetFire’s VPN appliance lets you remotely manage all your account’s servers and processes on our private network or your own private VLAN.

  • Unlimited file transfers, secure system / network management, and more.
  • The ability to manage your infrastructure from anywhere in the world makes it simpler to get work done.
  • All communications over your private network are strongly encrypted, so you can get things done without any hassles.