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At NetFire, we take your privacy seriously.

Keeping your private information private is a top priority. To make sure that happens, we use two basic principles.

Gather only what we need to serve you.


Our staff will never request or monitor information that isn’t necessary to do our job.

Disclose only when required.


NetFire will never share any of your information unless you give us permission to do so, or we are compelled to do so by law.

More details about our privacy policy are included below. For any other questions, contact our support staff – we’re here for you, round-the-clock.


When We Gather Personally-Identifiable Information

When you visit NetFire’s website, you may choose to interact with our company in ways that require us to gather personally-identifiable information. For instance, visitors may subscribe to our newsletter by providing their name and email address; or those wishing to become clients may purchase products and services by providing their financial information. In any case, NetFire only collects information insofar as is necessary to complete the interaction, and we never share your personally-identifying information other than as described below.


How We Protect Personally-Indentiable Information

NetFire will only share personally-identifying information with our employees and/or associates on two key conditions:

i. They require the information to serve you. ii. They have agreed not to share the information with others.

Other than as described above, NetFire only shares personally-identifying information when we are compelled to do so by government order.