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Environmental Management System

With an ever-growing number of companies calling themselves “green” or “eco-friendly”, it can be difficult to know exactly what these terms mean and which companies actually fit the description. In fact, most web hosting companies who claim to offer green hosting simply don’t deliver – they just refer to themselves as a “green web host” […]

NetFire Virtual Workplace: The Future Face of Work

In today’s interconnected global economy, a growing number of business rely on remote workforces. According to survey results released by the Society for Human Resource Management, over 46% of polled companies use virtual teams in some form. The poll was conducted in 2012, and numbers have steadily risen since then. As this trend continues, telecommuting […]

Dell-EMC Merger

Earlier this week, Dell acquired EMC for a staggering $67 billion in cash and stock. This merger makes Dell one of the world’s largest enterprise technology firms, prompting many analysts to predict that Dell will move away from its consumer PC business in favor of enterprise technologies – in fact, Dell tried to sell its […]

Microsoft Advises Businesses on Office 2016

Office 2016 was released for Windows last month, and utilizes many of the same updates and rules as Windows 10. Many businesses are looking to maintain the Office 2016 setup they currently have, while avoiding constant changes. To address the situation, Microsoft is advising these businesses to purchase old-style perpetual licenses rather than subscribing to […]

Microsoft’s Linux-based OS: Azure Cloud Switch

Microsoft has made recent strides in software-defined networking (SDN), releasing a Linux-based open source OS – Azure Cloud Switch (ACS). Though Microsoft is the world’s largest proprietary software company, they have long used open source software. For several years, Microsoft was the fifth largest contributor to the Linux kernel; and at least one-quarter of the […]