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Microsoft Using Bing to Promote Edge

In an effort to promote its Edge browser, Microsoft has implemented an interesting feature for Windows 10 users in the US. When these users first use Microsoft Edge to search Bing for “chrome” or “firefox” (presumably to download those browsers), they receive a warning message stating that “Microsoft recommends Microsoft Edge for Windows 10” along […]

Nvidia Virtualization

As previous news articles have covered before here, virtualization technology has soared in popularity in recent years. Nvidia is no exception – they have recently announced the release of a new virtualization technology-based feature called GameStream Co-Op for their GeForce Experience PC software.

Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3

The final version of Windows Server 2016, the OS version of Windows 10, is scheduled for official release in early 2016. Next week, Microsoft is also expected to release WS2016 Technical Preview to its Windows Insider testers. Ahead of these official release dates, however, several screenshots of the new system (and the build itself) have […]

Mozilla Issues Security Update for Firefox Exploit

On August 6, Mozilla released a security update to address a vulnerability uncovered by a Firefox user. The user discovered an ad on a Russian website was using a Firefox exploit that scanned for sensitive files, then sent them to a server in the Ukraine. Mozilla promptly released a fix for the vulnerability, advising all […]

Windows 10 Licensing

Windows 10 was launched in over 190 countries on July 29, and has already attracted millions of users. Because NetFire is committed to providing a reliable hosting environment, we want to offer our clients the most industry-leading software. That’s why we are now offering Windows 10 enterprise licenses for our private cloud customers. If you would […]