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Dell-EMC Merger

dell-emc merger

Earlier this week, Dell acquired EMC for a staggering $67 billion in cash and stock. This merger makes Dell one of the world’s largest enterprise technology firms, prompting many analysts to predict that Dell will move away from its consumer PC business in favor of enterprise technologies – in fact, Dell tried to sell its PC division before the EMC purchase, and will likely continue looking for buyers to cover the $40 billion debt resulting from the Dell-EMC merger.

CEO Michael Dell stated on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’:

“Technology has always been about how do you make old processes more efficient. But with all the progress in digital technology, there is a digital transformation that’s occurring.”

Whatever the future holds, it’s certain that such a massive merger will mean significant restructuring for Dell as they attempt to recoup some of their investment. It will be fascinating to see how the company adapts to these changes while remaining afloat in an ever-changing market.