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E-Commerce Developments for 2017

Since the rapid expansion of internet access across the globe, e-commerce has been an integral part of many successful businesses – over the next three years, market analysts project that online retail sales will top $4 trillion. E-commerce platforms have historically been a competitive market, and new data from SimilarTech forecasts exciting industry developments for the new year. This article covers upcoming e-commerce trends for 2017, explaining how NetFire’s platforms relate to these trends.

SimilarTech’s research team analyzed data from millions of popular sites, revealing the most popular e-commerce platforms as seen below: WooCommerce e-commerce

Now here are the fastest-growing platforms, based on 2016 growth rate: WooCommerce e-commerce

Key Points:

  1. Although Magento is the most commonly-used platform, its 2016 adoption rate suggests slower growth in the coming year.
  2. Many of the platforms that current have a relatively small market share saw tremendous growth in 2016. For example – while Magento’s market share dwarfs that of ePages and Zen Cart, the two smaller platforms grew their customer-base by 55.3% and 39.9%, respectively.

If present trends continue, many of the lesser-known platforms could be big names by the end of 2017. SimilarTech marketing director Daniel Buchuk describes how market trends might unfold:

“While Magento is the undisputed leader when it comes to ecommerce software among the biggest websites, there are players that are growing at a much faster rate, which means this ranking could look very different by the end of 2017.”

NetFire pays special attention to these numbers, because they help our team keep up with the dynamic nature of e-commerce – we know that our clients want flexible, reliable platforms that offer accessibility and ease of use.

That’s why we’re committed to offering our clients a wide range of options that let them succeed in an ever-changing market – NetFire’s e-commerce platforms include household names like Magento, but that’s not all. We also offer several platforms who rapidly increased their market share in 2016, such as WooCommerce.

After Magento, WooCommerce has the second-largest market share of any e-commerce platform. In 2016, the company also grew its customer-base by an impressive 74.8%, more than any other platform. These numbers suggest that WooCommerce will see tremendous growth in 2017, making it one of the most popular options NetFire has to offer.

If you have any questions about which e-commerce platform would work best for you, connect with us.