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NetFire Undertakes Development of Environmental Management System

In our efforts to address issues related to how our activities as a business impact the world around us including our environment, NetFire’s Security, Compliance, and Engineering department has embarked upon a project to create an Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001 standard. 

We believe this will enable us to assess and address the ways in which our activities impact the environment.  As many modern businesses around the globe find themselves increasingly playing a key role as stewards of our natural world, NetFire plans to implement the necessary systems to ensure that we promote the values of sustainability, efficiency, and environmentally-conscious ethics.

As a company, we are collectively and individually invested in the future of our environment.  NetFire has always striven to make the right choices to promote these values, and we believe that adopting this system will let us do so in a consistent, accountable way.  Simultaneously, we hope that our investment in this project and other future projects promoting the values of sustainability, efficiency, and environmentally-conscious ethics will encourage other members of our industry to undertake similar investments as well.  As a modern, global company, and as both stewards and inhabitants of our global ecosystem, we believe that our industry must step up to the plate and ensure that as we grow as individual companies and as an industry, we do so in a way that does more good than harm and ensures that best practices are in place for our customers, our staff, our environment, and our world.

You can look forward to hearing more as this process moves forward here on our news page.