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With our bare metal infrastructure, you get the flexibility of virtualization and high performance.

Talk to our sales team about your specific needs, and we’ll create a dedicated hosting environment that works for you – from storage specifications to industry-leading hardware, every aspect of your service portfolio is custom-built just for you.

We adapt to you. That’s the NetFire philosophy.

Top Features:

Bare Metal Performance


From big data analytics to e-commerce, NetFire’s bare metal servers handle any processor-intensive workload with ease. Our infrastructure is also well-suited to latency-sensitive applications such as stock trading or media streaming.

Redundant Components


All NetFire’s dedicated servers include redundant system components to ensure that your machines keep running even if primary resources fail. Our sales team can help you build a customized infrastructure with hardware from companies like Cisco, Dell, or VMWare.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware


Our enterprise-class drives offer more reliability and better performance than consumer drives.

Each dedicated account comes with round-the-clock support from NetFire’s IT specialists and a client-focused SLA defining our responsibilities to you. Choosing your own managed hosting environment might sound difficult, but NetFire makes it hassle-free: