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Why choose our HaaS service

You can’t navigate tomorrow’s technological landscape with yesterday’s tools – outdated IT equipment can be costly for your company, leading to lost revenue, lowered productivity, and insecure data. To help your company avoid these hardware headaches, NetFire’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) program covers all aspects of your technological needs.

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Benefits of NetFire’s Hardware as a Service


With NetFire’s HaaS model, hardware costs that would otherwise be a large, upfront capital expense are instead a smaller, more manageable operating cost. This saves your company money, allowing you to use more of your working capital on your business.

A fixed monthly rate also keeps hardware expenses easily budgetable – no need to worry about unexpected costs involved with maintenance and upkeep. Our proactive service approach means that we care about maintaing an efficient, productive network.


Growing companies have growing technology needs. HaaS lets you add as many components as you need, whenever you need them.

Consult with your account manager and assess your unique needs to decide which hardware is right for you – you can scale up or down on-demand with a HaaS solution without worrying about being stuck with obsolete or unnecessary appliances.


When it comes to hardware and your security, newer usually means better.

Solid network security often requires up-to-date software and hardware. With HaaS, upgrading hardware to safeguard your infrastructure is simple. Whatever your network security needs are, big or small, NetFire’s HaaS can be part of the solution.


NetFire’s proactive service model delivers a level of service quality and reliability you won’t find elsewhere. Many companies who lack an HaaS provider will purchase hardware but neglect maintenance due to costs.

With our HaaS solution, equipment maintenance and service are included in our SLA – you won’t have to worry about the possibility of equipment failure right after a warranty expires. Just let us solve (or more often, prevent) the problem.