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New York Data Center in Manhattan

new york data center

NetFire recently opened its new, enterprise-grade hosting facility in the heart of lower Manhattan, a fully-managed data center equipped with all the features necessary to keep your processes running smoothly. This 30,000 square foot facility offers direct connectivity to all major exchanges and peering networks, with low-latency access to our other location in Bridgewater, NJ.


Our New York data center includes all the advantages of a location in the world’s financial capital, and that means dedicated support. We offer quick deployment times without the red tape, and our on-site support technicians are ready to assist you 24x7x365.


NetFire’s Manhattan facility provides multiple layers of security, including 24x7x365 on-site monitoring and digitally-stored CCTV surveillance. Physical access to the data center is also protected by biometric and electronic card controls.

Power Distribution

Our new data center boasts a cutting-edge power distribution system that helps us deliver the high availability our clients need. The building offers over 2 MW of power, with a power density of over 150 Watts per square foot. It also offers hospital-grade fueling contracts with multiple vendors, ensuring priority fueling.

Environmental Control & Safety

NetFire handles your data with care. That’s why our new data center follows such a wide range of environmental and safety protocols – our zoned fire detection/suppression system is ready to handle any emergency, while our Cold Aisle Containment system and Hot Row/Cold Row Cabinet Configuration guarantee optimal energy efficiency.