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We live in a digital age where your business’ success often rests on email.

Businesses use email to train employees, protect their intellectual property, and more. That’s why NetFire takes managing your email platform so seriously. We handle all the back-end maintenance of your platform, with fully-managed service for third-party applications like Microsoft Hosted Exchange and Google Apps. With our fully-managed service and guaranteed 24x7x365 support, we can help you migrate your existing email data, optimize uptime, and more.

As a fast growing company, we have come to realize just how important it is for the success of our business to have reliable, managed hosting provided by NetFire. Not having to worry about downtime during even the busiest holidays helps us focus on what we do best. – Quantum Networks

Unlike other providers, NetFire offers a fully-customized email platform. Whether you need a dedicated firewall or highly-specialized email routing rules, we’ve got you covered.

Typical features of a NetFire business email platform can include:

business email

Spam And Anti-Virus Filters

Extensive security protocols and filters to keep your mailboxes safe and spam-free.

business email

Secure Archiving

Secure storage for your email correspondences, so you can access information whenever you need it.

business email

SSL Encryption

SSL encryption protects your emails as they’re being sent, to make sure your private information stays private.

business email

Content Management

Enjoy unlimited aliases, forwarders and autoresponders.