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Microsoft Windows: Windows Update Error Code 80244019

A broken Windows Update system can be a very dangerous thing. There are several security patches published by Microsoft that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. If you aren’t receiving these updates on a regular basis, your servers can be at risk of being compromised. Of course if you are a NetFire customer, we take care of this for you. However, some web hosts simply ignore these warnings and carelessly overlook Windows updates.

The error code “80244019” indicates a problem with connecting to the Windows Update Server. This can happen if your server hasn’t been updated for a long time or a variety of other reasons. There can be a few things at play here but there is one guaranteed fix for this error. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be receiving updates in no time.

Step 1) Navigate to the Windows Update screen (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Update)


Step 2) Click on the link “Find out more” next to “Get updates for other Microsoft products” at the bottom of the Windows Update screen.

Step 3) Follow the pop up windows instructions.




Step 4) Success! Apply those updates and stay safe!