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Install Internet Information Services 8.5 and WordPress With Microsoft Web PI

This tutorial explains how to install and configure WordPress 3.x on Windows servers using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Microsoft Web PI) version 5.0. The Web PI is a free tool that makes it quick and easy to get the latest components of the Microsoft Web Platform—including Internet Information Services (IIS), MySQL, PHP, the Microsoft .NET Framework, and Visual Web Developer The Web PI also lets you install web applications like WordPress with the built-in Windows Web App Gallery. To make sure your system meets the hardware requirements:

Install Microsoft Web Platform Installer 5.0 Download, install, and launch the MS Web Platform Installer (Web PI 5.0, which is a 1.4 MB download). 1. Log into your Windows machine as a user with administrative privileges. 2. Launch Internet Explorer (other browsers work too). 3. Go to, and then click the Free Download button. 4. Click Run, then click it again when prompted. 5. Wait a few seconds for the Web PI 5.0 to start.

Select the products and applications to install Now you can select the version of WordPress that you want to install. WordPress 3.9.1 is used in this tutorial. 1. On the “Web Platform Installer” start screen click the Applications tab, and then click the Add button associated to the right with “WordPress”. 2. Click Install.

Configure the selected products and applications After that’s done, review and configure what you have added, then add the database and configure the password for it. 1. When you are asked which type of database you want to use, leave MySQL (Not installed) selected. Not that this will install MySQL 5.1 for Windows to handle all the database transactions that are required by WordPress. 2. In password fields, type in a secure and memorable password for your database, and then click Continue. 3. Review the files to be downloaded and installed, as well as the license agreements, and then click I Accept. 4. Allow the Web PI installation to complete. 5. Configure Security Keys. 6. Click Finish. 7. Microsoft WebMatrix opens, allowing you to configure additional settings related to your WordPress site.

Complete the installation and configuration Now you’re almost done! 1. For this step, open the Internet Explorer browser. 2. Go to your WordPress website. For example, go to http://localhost/myWordPress. 3. In the Site Title box, type the name of your site. 4. In the Password, twice boxes, type a password for the admin account. 5. In the Your E-mail box, type the email address for the admin account. 6. Click Install WordPress, then click Login. 7. Type admin, type the password, and then click Login.

Running Microsoft WebMatrix with WordPress The Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI) installs WordPress to run in a localhost configuration in combination with Microsoft WebMatrix (which was also installed as part of the Web PI installation). When WebMatrix is not running (e.g., after a reboot or if you terminate WebMatrix) you will not be able to access your localhost WordPress site until WebMatrix is restarted. Use the following steps to start WebMatrix and launch your localhost WordPress site.

1. Click Start, click All Programs, click-open the Microsoft WebMatrix folder, and then click to launch the Microsoft WebMatrixapp. 2. On the WebMatrix start page, click the My Sites button to display the installed sites, and then click your wordpress site that displays in the pop-up context menu. 3. After the site opens, click the lower-left Site tab to display links for the WordPress launch URL and file Path. 4. Click on the site URL link to launch your localhost WordPress site. 5. At this point WebMatrix will open a browser window to your localhost WordPress site which you can customize and add content to. Remember that WebMatrix has to be be running while you interact with your localhost WordPress site.